Tax Free Import

Tax free import (BPM/import duties/VAT exemption)

The Amsterdam Car Company is the leading authority on how to manage the complex dutch import regulations for expats, international visitors and those moving permanently from abroad. The system is complex, will handle the process from start to finish, ensuring that it is simple and completed in the shortest possible time.

Are you moving to the Netherlands? If so you are generally permitted to import removal goods without being liable for import duties, BPM and VAT (BTW). This is however subject to certain conditions. There is also a differ- ence between moving to the Netherlands from an EU country or a non-EU country.

Network of contacts

Using a network of contacts, including those within the tax office itself, we are able to streamline the process, and make sure that problems are avoided.

Hassle free import is our specialty.

Worldwide shipping
Clearance at customs
Customs formalities
Import from USA
(pick up and delivery door to door)
Import from European Economic Area
(EFTA/EEA) (Switzerland/Lichtenstein)