More than ever we see a strong need for a safe car in the Netherlands. Your own shelter in these crazy days. If it’s for making a short trip to the beach, a roadtrip through Europe or simply to your office, not depending on public transport.

We can help you with the solution tailored to you needs.  Bringing your own car from abroad? Leasing a car for a fixed or flexible period of time? We have the knowhow and experience to arrange this in an efficient, fun and practical way.

Amsterdam Car Company works for international and national employees of the companies (amongst others): Heineken Nederland, Koninklijke Philips, ExxonMobil and Royal Dutch Shell.

Although we have our main focus on expats we most certainly help local clients as well. We have a strong network in automotive trade.

Our expertise in Automotive consists of:

  • import / export;
  • Leasing / short leasing / financial lease / private lease
  • insurance (maximum no-claim also for expats!)
  • your parkingpermit in Amsterdam
  • purchase & selling
  • shipping / customs
  • car search / purchase negotiations;
  • tax (BPM – VAT – Import duties)
  • consignment sale;